Meet The Band

Roisin – Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar.
Oliver – Bass and Vocals.
Joe – Lead Guitarist.

“Roisin, Olly and Joe are part of a three piece Country Americana band from Bath. Combining Carter and Cash reminiscent Harmonies along with classic hand crafted songwriting, the group create a live show that is upbeat as well as engaging.”

“Just gorgeous country-infused music. I want to be the 4th member!” – Dermot O’Leary, BBC Radio 2

Dermot O'Leary


The band have plenty of promise and have the songs and skill to really make a mark” – Bristol 24/7 Magazine.

Bristol 24/7 Magazine

“A modern sounding throwback which delivers time and time again. Particularly when you are listening in a small room, you can’t help but want more. “